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Foot-Massage SampleRegular massage can help to lower stress, decrease pain and improve immunity. Plus it feels wonderful! Investing in massage is investing in your health. During our first session, I will take a brief health history and we will talk about what your expectations are for the session, for example is deep relaxation the goal, or is there an injury that I should focus on? I will then leave the room while you get comfortable on the massage table. Most clients undress completely, but that decision is yours. My goal is to ensure that you are completely at ease. The parts of your body that I am not working on will be draped at all times.

When you are ready, I will come in and begin the treatment. The massage usually includes head, neck, and back, arms, hands, legs and feet, depending on your needs and desires. There will be soft music and lighting to help ensure your relaxation. Half way through the massage I will ask you to turn over in order to ensure the complete massage experience. When the massage is complete I will leave the room allowing you time and privacy to dress. If you have never had a massage or are uncomfortable with the idea, I will work with you to ensure the safest, most relaxing experience possible.

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